3M VentureShield Clear Bra Kits

Welcome to the Clear Bra Shop. The Clear Bra Shop offers clear bra kits for car and truck owners who want the paint protection for their vehicle but want to save $300-$400 or more and install it themselves. The kits we offer for the do-it-yourselfers are called "bikini" kits and are cut smaller to make them easier to install than the larger full kits. For $210, you will receive a clear bra kit that provides coverage for your front bumper, the front of your hood, the front of your fenders, and your side mirrors.

A typical installation can cost $600-$1,000+. If one man can do it, another man can do it. Save yourself hundreds by doing it yourself. Watch this quick installation video below!

About Our Clear Bra Kits

Our standard clear bra kits come with the following coverage:

  • Front hood (the hood and fenders will align)
  • Front fenders
  • Bumper
  • Side Mirrors

Options include:

  • Full hood (prices vary on sqft needed)
  • Full fenders (prices vary on sqft needed)
  • Wrapped edges for seamless appearance (no extra charge)
  • Headlight coverage ($25 per pair)
  • Rear bumper trim (prices vary on sqft needed)
  • Door cups (prices vary on how many are needed)

If you have a sedan, the kit will offer 18-23" of coverage while trucks and SUVs will have 14-20" coverage up the hood. Our clear bra kits are guaranteed to be cut correctly and defect free. They are covered by the OEM warranty from either 3M or Xpel, depending on which film you choose.

For in depth instructions, please download our FREE PDF of instructions.

Tools for Clear Bra Installation

We offer everything you need to install your clear bra kit. Typically you will need a knife or razor blade, some lint free cloths, squeeze bottles to make slip and tack solution, and a squeegee.

We understand that not everyone may have the time and patience to do the installation themselves and if that is the case, we suggest searching for a local clear bra installer near you. To find a local clear bra installer, submit a job request at clearbrafilms.com.